Case Study: How we drove signups for a Bitcoin-Only exchange’s automated buying product


Coinfloor (now acquired by CoinCorner), the longest-running bitcoin exchange in the UK, introduced an automated bitcoin buying feature. For this, we worked towards the creation of a unique fee-waiving campaign. The goal was to promote the benefits of DCA (dollar-cost averaging), attract new users, and incentivize existing customers to use the platform.

Strategy and Execution

To market the innovative fee-waiving campaign, the following steps were taken:

  • Landing Page Creation: We designed and launched a dedicated landing page to provide comprehensive information about the fee-waiving campaign and the automated Bitcoin buying feature. The landing page included clear call-to-action messages.
  • Social Media Strategy: We developed a teaser social media campaign in the run-up to the launch focussed on Twitter and Telegram, sharing updates and announcements that coincided with key Bitcoin dates. This strategy helped generate buzz around the fee-waiving campaign and the benefits of DCA.
  • Email Campaign: An email campaign was planned in the days leading to the launch. This helped engage existing clients and encouraged them to take advantage of the new offering.
  • App Notifications and Reminders: A strategy was put in place to incorporate app notifications and reminders to keep users informed about the fee-waiving campaign and encourage them to set up automated DCA. 
  • Press Release: A press release announcing the launch of the fee-waiving campaign and the benefits of automated Bitcoin buying was launched. The press release was distributed to relevant media outlets, amplifying the campaign’s reach and driving interest in Coinfloor’s platform.


By utilizing a multi-channel approach that included social media, newsletters, app notifications, and press releases, we were able to effectively communicate the benefits of their new offering and attract new users to their platform.

This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing campaign in the crypto industry and the importance of leveraging multiple channels to reach a diverse audience, promote key features, and drive user engagement.



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