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The “How to Create and Manage a Successful Ambassador Program for Your Web3 Project” guide will take you through the process of creating and managing an ambassador campaign, ensuring maximum results.

As a web3 project, one of the most effective ways to amplify your brand’s reach, foster a dedicated community, and drive engagement is by initiating an ambassador program. This strategy not only boosts your project’s visibility but also empowers your community members to become advocates for your brand.

Some key benefits of having an ambassador program include:

  • Grassroots marketing – Ambassadors serve as micro-influencers who can authentically promote your project to their own networks through word-of-mouth.
  • Community building – An ambassador program is an excellent way to identify and engage the most active supporters who want to contribute further. This strengthens connections between members.
  • Thought leadership – Ambassadors can help position your project as a thought leader in the space by creating educational content for others.
  • Global reach – By onboarding ambassadors from different regions, you improve your ability to reach international audiences in their languages.
  • Reduced workload – Ambassadors lighten the marketing burden from your core team by independently sharing updates and resources with others.

With a well-designed campaign, ambassadors can significantly boost awareness, social engagement, and community participation in your project. Get the downloadable guide here, and also check the most popular Web3 Ambassador Programs in section 5 of the guide.

1. Campaign Overview

Program Objective

Clearly define the objective of your ambassador campaign. For example, it could be to increase brand awareness, generate social engagement, or educate the public about your project. This objective will shape the entire campaign and guide your decision-making process.

Application Process

Create an application form for interested individuals to apply to become ambassadors. Include relevant questions that will help you assess their suitability for the program, and ask for their social profiles and familiarity with your brand. You can use form builders like Google Forms or custom tools for this purpose

Selection Criteria

Determine the criteria for selecting ambassadors from the applicant pool. Consider factors such as their passion for your project, relevant skills and experience, social media presence, and availability to participate actively.

Program Duration

Decide on the duration of your ambassador campaign, including the different phases and milestones. This will help you set clear timelines for each stage and communicate them effectively to the participants.

Launch the Program

This is the time when you have to publicly announce the new ambassador program. Even if you decide to have a new landing page or just post an article on the blog, this should outline the objective, eligibility, timeline, roles and responsibilities, rewards, and application form, promoting it across social platforms and with influencers. You can also host an AMA on Telegram/Discord, sending follow-up communications and responding to questions as the application window remains open to maintain awareness and attract top community members to potentially become ambassadors.

2. Phase 1: Initial Screening

Candidate Communication

Create a Telegram channel or another communication platform dedicated to the ambassador program. Use this channel to communicate with the shortlisted candidates and provide them with instructions and updates. Ensure that all participants have joined the channel to receive the necessary information.

Task Description

Assign a task to the shortlisted candidates for the initial screening round. This task should align with your program objectives and help you assess their abilities and commitment. For example, you can ask them to write a Twitter thread about your project based on available resources.

Criteria for Advancement

Establish clear criteria for selecting candidates to move on to the next round. This could include factors like the quality of their task submission, engagement metrics (e.g., likes, retweets, comments), and their ability to participate actively in your Telegram or Discord channels.

3. Phase 2: Active Ambassadorship

Reward Structure

Design a reward structure for active ambassadors. Determine what incentives you can offer, such as tokens, merchandise, or exclusive access to new features or events. Clearly communicate the rewards and their conditions to motivate ambassadors to actively participate.

Task and Point System

Define a task and point system for ambassadors to earn rewards. Assign different tasks with corresponding points, allowing ambassadors to accumulate points based on their activities. This system can include tasks like participating in Telegram or Discord conversations, sharing social media posts, creating content (videos, articles), or engaging with influencers.

Reporting and Tracking

Implement a system to track and evaluate ambassadors’ activities. This can be done through spreadsheets or dedicated tools where the ambassadors can add their work. Regularly review their progress and engagement to determine the top-performing ambassadors who deserve additional rewards or recognition. Check this template sheet here. 

4. Communication Strategy

Develop a communication strategy to engage and inform ambassadors throughout the campaign. This strategy should include regular updates, task instructions, and important announcements. Use a mix of email, Telegram/Discord messages, and other communication channels to ensure effective reach.

Email Template for Shortlisted Participants

Create an email template to send to the shortlisted participants, inviting them to the ambassador program. Personalize the template with their name and provide clear instructions on joining the exclusive Telegram or Discord channel. Include information about the program timeline, selection process, and potential rewards.

Twitter Direct Message (DM) Template

Craft a Twitter/Telegram DM template to congratulate and inform participants who have shared their handles. Use this template to invite them to join the exclusive channel and provide them with key details about the program timeline, next steps, and potential rewards.

5. Ambassadors Program Case Study

Take inspiration from how we launched ZoidPay’s Ambassadors Program to understand how a similar campaign operates. In this case study, we provide insights into program objectives, requirements, benefits, and community objectives. You can adapt these concepts to align with your organization’s goals. Also, check these active Ambassadors Programs from popular projects like Thirdweb, Nexo, Alchemy, ZkLink, and Polkadot.

6. Resources, Visuals and Graphics

It is critical for projects to create an ambassador program to equip their ambassadors with the proper resources to best represent the brand. Providing style guides, logo usage policies, pre-approved marketing collateral like graphics, videos, emails, and social posts, one-page overviews about the project, and press materials gives ambassadors everything they need to confidently promote the brand while maintaining a consistent look, voice, and messaging. 

Regular information sessions and centralized access to updated materials via an ambassador portal help keep ambassadors knowledgeable about the latest developments so they can speak to the brand’s vision authentically. Proper resource sharing not only makes ambassadors more effective representatives but also inspires greater advocacy and commitment by reducing their workload.


Creating and managing a successful ambassador program requires strategic planning and ongoing effort. But with the right approach, it can be one of the most impactful ways to amplify your project’s message and foster a dedicated community. If you need help setting up your own ambassador campaign, our team of experts at Tertie is here to guide you every step of the way.

We specialize in crafting community growth strategies for web3 projects and have helped numerous companies launch thriving campaigns. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can provide dedicated resources and support tailored to your unique objectives and community.



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