Tertie Partners With PixelPlex to Amplify Client Support

tertie and pixelplex

Here at Tertie, we’re always looking for innovative ways to empower our clients within the exciting world of web3. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with the top blockchain development company PixelPlex.

With the strategic partnership with PixelPlex, we can now seamlessly refer any clients seeking technical support for their projects to PixelPlex’s extensive team of blockchain engineers. With over 16 years of experience delivering customized solutions, clients can be assured of receiving the highest quality development work.

At the same time, PixelPlex clients undergoing new project launches will gain access to our specialized suite of web3 marketing services. From community growth to token launch strategies, our expertise in this area will help amplify outreach and drive greater success.

By leveraging both firms’ complementary areas of focus, we aim to deliver fully integrated and well-rounded support solutions. The goal is to help as many entrepreneurs and ventures as possible achieve their maximum potential within crypto and blockchain.

We’re excited to partner with another industry leader like PixelPlex, who shares our passion for empowering innovation. Keep an eye out for more details on upcoming collaborative initiatives between our teams. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or inquiries!



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