Case Study: How We Boosted Token and Project Awareness Through Strategic Collaborations with Influencers

Case Study ZoidPay


ZoidPay aimed to increase awareness of its token and project by focusing on influencer marketing. The goal was to collaborate with prominent influencers in the crypto space to showcase the project’s utility and value proposition.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve the desired results, the following steps were taken:

  • Influencer Research: We conducted thorough research to identify the most relevant and influential figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry based on the client’s budget. A focus was placed on metrics focused on engagement. 
  • Influencer Outreach and Partnership: Once the ideal influencers were identified, we reached out to them with a tailored proposal, highlighting the project’s utility and potential benefits. Successful partnerships were established with prominent influencers, including AltCoin Daily, Data Dash, Crypto Wendy 0, and many more.
  • Content Creation and Collaboration: We interacted directly with the influencers to develop engaging and informative content that showcased the project’s utility, features, and use cases.
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitored the performance of the influencer partnerships and the resulting content. This allowed the team to make data-driven decisions, optimize the campaign, and maximize its effectiveness.


ZoidPay successfully executed an influencer marketing strategy that led to increased token and project awareness among the target audience. By collaborating with major names in the industry, such as AltCoin Daily and Data Dash, and creating engaging content that showcased the project’s utility, ZoidPay was able to generate significant interest in their project.

This case study highlights the power of influencer marketing in the crypto space and the importance of choosing the right partners, creating captivating content, and continuously monitoring and optimizing the campaign to achieve remarkable results.



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