Case study: How the Zoidsters NFT collection achieved a successful sellout in just two minutes!

Zoidsters NFT collection Case Study


For Zoidsters, our focus was on creating a buzz around their NFT collection and driving private and public sales. We chose to do so by focusing on scarcity, utility, engaging content, whitelist spot giveaways, and teasing the NFT look and feel.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve the remarkable sellout success, the following steps were taken:

  • Creating Scarcity: As against the general plan of 10000 NFTs, we advised a smaller collection of only 1001, priced at a premium. In all of the content pushed out, an emphasis was laid on the rarity of the NFTs in their marketing materials. 
  • Showcasing Utility: All communication was centered around highlighting the NFT utility. The benefits of owning their NFTs were conveyed through a series of engaging content pieces. This included blog posts, social media updates, and videos.
  • Whitelist Spot Giveaways: Twitter was used to create giveaways that offered a chance for participants to secure a whitelist spot, allowing them early access to the NFT sale. 
  • Teasers of NFT Look and Feel: We strategically released teasers showcasing the unique look and feel of their NFTs. 


A carefully crafted marketing strategy led to the incredible success of selling out their NFT project in just 2 minutes. By focusing on scarcity, showcasing utility, offering whitelist spot giveaways, and teasing the NFT look and feel, Zoidsters was able to generate immense excitement and interest in their collection.

This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing strategy and the importance of creating a sense of urgency, highlighting the benefits, and engaging potential buyers to achieve unprecedented success in the rapidly growing NFT space.



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