Case Study: How We Built Awareness and Attracted B2B Clients for a Metaverse Brand

Background ZoidVerse (launched as ZETA) aimed to build brand awareness and attract potential clients for their upcoming metaverse project. The focus was on developing an effective press release and creating a conversion-optimized landing page for interested clients. Strategy and Execution To achieve the desired results, the following steps were taken: Results ZoidVerse successfully created and […]

Case Study: How a News App Skyrocketed to Over 100K Monthly Active Users in No Time!

NewsVoice Case Study

Background We helped Newsvoice successfully acquire a large user base and outperform industry standards in key metrics such as user engagement, push notifications, and cost per install. Newsvoice aimed to acquire a substantial user base for its unbiased news app targeted at millennials. The focus was on driving app downloads and creating engaging content. Goal: […]