Case Study: How a News App Skyrocketed to Over 100K Monthly Active Users in No Time!

NewsVoice Case Study


We helped Newsvoice successfully acquire a large user base and outperform industry standards in key metrics such as user engagement, push notifications, and cost per install.

Newsvoice aimed to acquire a substantial user base for its unbiased news app targeted at millennials. The focus was on driving app downloads and creating engaging content.

Goal: App Downloads

Strategy and Execution

To achieve the desired results, we focused on the following steps:

  • Content Sourcing via Gamification: A strategy was put in place to have the community contribute to the content. By gamification within the app, over 250 active volunteers contributed to the app’s content. 
  • User Growth: Marketing efforts were focused on social media, influencer outreach, SEO-focused content creation (native blog), App Store Optimisation, and participation on platforms like Product Hunt and so on. 
  • Successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Influencer Marketing: Research was conducted to identify suitable influencers for promoting the app. By collaborating with these influencers, the average Cost per Install (CPI) was reduced to $0.43, well below the industry averages of $2-$4.


Newsvoice successfully marketed its news app for millennials, outperforming other similar apps across critical metrics such as user engagement and push notifications. By implementing a comprehensive content strategy, crowdsourcing content via gamification, ASO, and leveraging influencer marketing, Newsvoice achieved a cost-efficient user acquisition process. This case study demonstrates how a well-planned and executed marketing strategy can lead to exceptional results in the highly competitive app market.



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