Which of these Layer 2 platforms can break into the $1B group?

The past year has seen a lot of chat around the Layer 2 (L2) solutions with the arrival of platforms including Optimism, Arbitrum and more recently Mantle. But which L2 project, in the sub-$100M market cap, has the potential to reach the $1B group in the next bull market? We’ll review this based on a […]

Harnessing Airdrops for Sustainable Web3 Growth

airdrops for web3 growth

Airdrops have become a popular tactic for web3 projects looking to distribute tokens and drive awareness. But most airdrops fail to convert recipients into engaged, loyal users over the long-term. In this comprehensive guide on harnessing airdrops for sustainable web3 growth, we’ll share strategies and best practices for creating airdrop campaigns that build genuine community […]

Tertie and Blaze Team Up for Amplifying Web3 Communities

We’re happy to announce that we are joining forces with Blaze, the AI-powered audience growth platform, to help crypto projects build kickass communities. By combining Tertie’s strategic Web3 community-building approach with Blaze’s tech, we can accelerate results for our clients in the space. Here are some of Blaze’s key features that you’ll love: With Web3 […]

How to create an effective bounty campaign to increase crypto project awareness

Bounty campaigns are an essential part of a crypto project’s marketing strategy. They can help increase awareness, generate buzz, and attract potential investors. However, organizing and managing a bounty campaign can be challenging, especially for new projects. In this article, we will discuss how to craft, post, and manage an effective bounty campaign. What is […]

10 Handy Tips to Grow Your Crypto Projects Twitter Account 

If there’s one social media platform you just cannot ignore in the Web3 space, it has to be Twitter (as of now). It’s where most of the community exists. Twitter is an essential battleground for those who want to establish a presence in the Web3 space. So, how can you make your mark and grow […]

The Layer 1 (L1) Blockchain Race: 7 Projects with Market Caps Under $50M

Markets are trending lower each day. If May lived up to the old adage of “Sell in May and Go Away”, could June point to a period of accumulation? A possible, “Jump in June, Ride the Crypto Dune”? Who knows. What we do know is successful crypto projects continue to build and market irrespective of […]

Unleash the Power of UGC with BULLZ: A Guide for Creators and Brands

bullz ugc app - a complete guide

Welcome to the world of boundless possibilities and unprecedented engagement! Get ready to unleash the power of UGC with BULLZ, the innovative social app that is revolutionizing the web3 space. In this comprehensive guide, we invite you to join us on a journey into the realm of User-Generated Content (UGC) and its transformative impact on creators […]

10 Common Web3 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid: A 5-Minute Guide to Dodging Pitfalls

Embarking on a Web3 marketing campaign can be an exciting adventure, but it’s not without its challenges. To help you navigate the world of Web3 marketing, we’ve compiled a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid. Some of these might seem intuitive, but you’ll be surprised at how many projects get these wrong. As a […]

Top 10 Blockchain Grants to Fund Your Project: Fueling Web3 Innovation

top 10 blockchain grants

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the digital landscape, and securing funding for your blockchain project is vital to turn your innovative ideas into reality. In this article, we will explore the top 10 blockchain grants that can provide the financial resources needed to fuel your Web3 innovation and contribute to the growth of the overall blockchain […]