Tertie and Blaze Team Up for Amplifying Web3 Communities

We’re happy to announce that we are joining forces with Blaze, the AI-powered audience growth platform, to help crypto projects build kickass communities. By combining Tertie’s strategic Web3 community-building approach with Blaze’s tech, we can accelerate results for our clients in the space.

Here are some of Blaze’s key features that you’ll love:

  • AI tools to automate community management across social media platforms, saving tons of time while engaging audiences;
  • Lead gen technology that identifies and reaches out to potential new users, partners, and influencers in a targeted way;
  • Social analytics dashboards that allow tracking performance and gaining insights to inform strategy. No more flying blind!
  • Content automation to keep high-quality and relevant posts flowing to maintain an always-on presence.

With Web3 and crypto projects on the rise, companies need forward-thinking solutions to build communities and drive adoption effectively. This partnership gives us and our clients smooth access to Blaze’s AI-powered suite of growth features to take their strategies to the next level. Together, we’ll help Web3 brands unlock their full potential and connect with users.

The future of community building is both strategic and smart. With humans and tech working together, anything is possible!



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