Unleash the Power of UGC with BULLZ: A Guide for Creators and Brands

bullz ugc app - a complete guide

Welcome to the world of boundless possibilities and unprecedented engagement! Get ready to unleash the power of UGC with BULLZ, the innovative social app that is revolutionizing the web3 space. In this comprehensive guide, we invite you to join us on a journey into the realm of User-Generated Content (UGC) and its transformative impact on creators and brands alike.

In today’s digital landscape, authenticity and trust are the cornerstones of success. As creators, we understand the importance of connecting with your audience on a deeper level and delivering content that resonates. And as brands, we know that building genuine connections and engaging with your target market is the key to thriving in a competitive landscape.

That’s where BULLZ steps in as your ultimate ally. With its cutting-edge platform, BULLZ empowers creators to share their unique perspectives, insights, and recommendations with an ever-growing community of web3 enthusiasts. And for brands, BULLZ provides an unparalleled opportunity to tap into this thriving ecosystem and harness the power of UGC to amplify their marketing campaigns and drive meaningful engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of BULLZ and explore how it can revolutionize the way you create, discover, and leverage UGC. Whether you’re a creator seeking to unlock your full potential or a brand eager to captivate your audience, BULLZ offers the tools, resources, and community support to elevate your presence in the web3 realm.

Let’s explore how you can leverage BULLZ to create and discover high-quality UGC and drive successful marketing campaigns.

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BULLZ: Cutting Through the Bull

BULLZ is a social app designed to cut through the sea of misinformation in the web3 space. With countless Telegram groups, projects, tokens, and exchanges popping up daily, finding reliable information can be a daunting task. BULLZ provides a trusted platform that authenticates community recommendations, ensuring users have access to reliable information.

Authenticated Recommendations

BULLZ utilizes the WOM Protocol to authenticate every recommendation video on the platform. WOM Authenticators assess each recommendation based on authenticity, creativity, and positivity. This authentication process ensures that only genuine and valuable recommendations receive WOM Tokens, the native token of the WOM Protocol.

BULLZ App for Creators

On BULLZ, creators have the opportunity to earn in three ways. Firstly, by creating captivating content, whether it’s recording or uploading video recommendations about any web3 project. Your earnings are determined by the peer-review rating and engagement your video receives, incentivizing you to share your unique insights and expertise. 

bullz app for creators

Secondly, you can contribute to the platform’s quality control by rating videos and helping BULLZ reward top-notch content. Videos are evaluated based on authenticity, creativity, and positivity, ensuring that the community thrives on trust and valuable recommendations. 

Lastly, through brand campaigns, you’ll receive notifications when web3 projects launch campaigns and request content from you. By creating video and social media posts for these campaigns, you not only contribute to the success of the brands but also earn rewards for your valuable contributions. 

Extra, for onboarding the other creators you are collaborating with, you can become an Agent and start earning more rewards based on what they are creating.

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With BULLZ, creators have the opportunity to monetize their skills, engage with the community, and be a vital part of the ever-growing web3 ecosystem. Start by selecting the video category, the project you’re recommending, and the specific topic, and provide the URL to the project. Additionally, stake WOM Tokens to initiate the authentication process and unlock the potential to earn WOM Tokens based on the engagement with your recommendation.

Earning Rewards

Once your video passes authentication, it becomes eligible to earn rewards. WOM Tokens are distributed daily, with rewards based on the performance of your recommendation compared to others within the WOM Ecosystem. The better your recommendation performs, the more WOM Tokens you earn.

Storing WOM Tokens

To store and manage your WOM Tokens, create a wallet within the BULLZ app. By following the steps in the app, you can set up your wallet, receive WOM Tokens, track your balance, view transactions, and even exchange WOM for gift cards.

BULLZ Campaign Manager for Brands

For brands seeking to harness UGC and collaborate with crypto creators, the BULLZ Campaign Manager is a powerful tool. This powerful tool enables brands to work with top creators in the BULLZ community to spread the word about their projects and initiatives.

bullz app for brands

The BULLZ Campaign Manager offers brands the flexibility to choose how creators share content. Whether it’s through the BULLZ app or popular social media platforms, brands can leverage the reach and influence of these creators to engage with their target audience effectively.

Setting up a collaboration request is a breeze with the BULLZ Campaign Manager. Brands can create their request in less than five minutes, outlining their content requirements and budget. This streamlined process ensures that brands can quickly connect with creators who align with their brand values and objectives. Another great thing is that you can request content from a creator group of your choice, verified creators with 30M+ reach, or micro-influencers. 

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Campaign Budget

When it comes to running campaigns on BULLZ, you have full control over your collaboration and rewards budgets, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. The collaboration budget allows you to allocate an appropriate amount of WOM tokens to fund your collaboration. Rest assured, your WOM tokens are securely held in escrow until a creator has successfully delivered their work. In the event that a creator does not deliver and won’t be paid, the remaining funds will remain in your account for future campaigns.

Rewards Budget

In addition to the collaboration budget, you also have the flexibility to set a rewards budget for compensating creators for their videos and social media posts. This budget determines the amount creators will be paid for their valuable contributions. It’s important to note that creators will only be paid after they have delivered their work, ensuring a fair and transparent reward system.

Campaign Results

Once the collaboration request is submitted, brands can expect to receive the first content submissions within 24 hours. This rapid turnaround time allows brands to stay agile and responsive in their marketing efforts, ensuring timely and relevant content creation. Brands can choose to publish and reward all the videos submitted by creators or only pick a limited number to use and reward. 

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By leveraging the BULLZ Campaign Manager, brands can tap into the vast pool of talent within the BULLZ community. These experienced creators bring their expertise and authenticity to the table, generating compelling and authentic content at scale. This collaboration not only enhances brand visibility but also builds a genuine connection with the web3 community.

In summary, the BULLZ Campaign Manager provides brands with a powerful tool to harness the potential of UGC and collaborate with crypto creators. Through seamless collaboration requests, brands can engage with the BULLZ community, set content requirements, and receive high-quality content submissions within 24 hours. 

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing campaigns and achieve your goals in the web3 space? At Tertie, we’re here to help you harness the power of BULLZ and take your brand to new heights. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your marketing goals with the power of BULLZ.



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