Meme Tokens Unleashed: 5 Ways They’re Shaking Up Crypto & Business!

Seems like rather old news now. PEPE token is up 1600% since mid-April. It now ranks among the top 100 cryptocurrency projects, with a market capitalisation in excess of $400M. It is not alone. Currently, the crypto market is going through what many refer to as “Meme Season”. A period when the so-called meme tokens […]

What is WEB3? Why is it important?

The internet has undergone several phases of evolution since its inception, with Web1 (Read) and Web2 (Read / Write) representing earlier versions. However, the development of Web3, also known as the “Read / Write / Own” phase, is poised to revolutionize the internet as we know it. Web3 aims to offer users greater control and […]

Top 10 big companies that are adopting WEB3

Since the development of Bitcoin blockchain in 2009, people focused more on cryptocurrency. But in the period of 2017, Web3 arrived as a platform instead of just a payment system – and it is growing rapidly. The tech giants are adopting it, including JP Morgan Chase, Google, Ubisoft and ConsenSys, who are investing to explore […]