Tertie joins forces with European Web3 Organization

We at Tertie are thrilled to announce that we are now part of the European Web3 Organization ecosystem. We’re eager to contribute to the growth and help shape the future of the Web3 ecosystem within Europe.

About the European Web3 Organization: The European Web3 Organization is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, dedicated to bringing together Europe’s web3 community. With a strong focus on their five-pillar manifesto, they aim to build a collaborative ecosystem, promote a fair narrative, raise awareness, educate, and create a thriving professional community in the web3 space.

Joining the European Web3 Organization movement is a natural extension of the role we at Tertie want to play in the Web3 space. This aligns perfectly with our mission to empower and promote web3 projects. We invite projects seeking to make a mark in Web3 to connect with us for customized marketing plans tailored to their audiences. Our goal is to cultivate a thriving Web3 ecosystem in Europe with global impact,” says Elena Oglinda, Co-founder at Tertie.

At Tertie, we share the European Web3 Organization’s passion for fostering a more decentralized, transparent, and democratic web. We believe that our expertise in Web3 marketing and our dedication to promoting Web3 projects can make a meaningful impact within the organization and the wider European Web3 community.

Collaboration and Cooperation

As part of the European Web3 Organization ecosystem, we look forward to actively participating in events, discussions, and collaborations that contribute to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. We’re excited to work alongside other like-minded organizations and professionals, sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas that will help shape the next generation of the internet.

In Conclusion

We’re excited to explore collaboration opportunities with participating projects within the European Web3 Organization and contribute to the organization’s mission of making a better future for Web3 in Europe.

Tertie offers a range of customised marketing strategies and tactics for businesses in Web3 across areas including,

  • Content Creation
  • Community Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer & PR Marketing
  • Gamification and more.

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