Quest Campaigns

We offer full-service quest campaign creation and management to motivate participation and reward your crypto project’s community. The interactive quests can be built on platforms like Zealy, Galxe, TaskOn, W3GG, QuestN, JumpTask, or Layer3.

Quest campaigns allow you to seamlessly distribute tokens, NFTs, and other perks to your supporters for completing tasks that raise awareness and educate your community.

Our strategists handle planning, setup, posting, incentives distribution, and optimization so you can focus on your core business.


Determine optimal quest rewards allocation and mechanics based on your goals


Implement campaigns on the most relevant web3 quest platforms


We share your quests on relevant channels and communities


Oversee participation, prevent fraud, distribute rewards


Boost engagement through promotions, new tasks, and refreshed rewards

Our expertly-crafted quest campaigns offer numerous benefits for crypto projects looking to actively engage their community. With our team’s experience across platforms like TaskOn and Zealy, your custom quest campaign will leverage different formats for maximum appeal, engagement, and rewards redemption. 

 Quests provide a seamless way to reward your loyal fans with relevant incentives like your project’s tokens or NFTs. They also showcase your brand in an appealing, educational way – allowing supporters to learn more while being rewarded. The data insights gained on participation can further optimize your approach.

We strategize and implement various quest campaign formats tailored to your goals, community, and incentives. These can include social media tasks like sharing and tagging, creative content challenges, product demos, knowledge tests and puzzles, surveys to collect feedback, and more. 

We have helped a variety of projects successfully launch their tokens and attract investors


© 2023 Tertie Carbon Free All Rights Reserved

© 2023 Tertie Carbon Free All Rights Reserved